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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is Under Construction!

Click here to view the current strategic plan

Update from Superintendent, Mr. Enix, as of September 2023:

Transcend 2026, the HHCS Strategic Plan, was Board approved in 2021 and has been the focal point of district action for the past two years. Quarterly progress reports were provided in 2022-2023, which identified completed and in-progress action items and items that had not yet started or were deemed impractical.

Based on the current status of the plan and the changing landscape of our community, including finances and student needs, since it was initiated in 2020, HHCS will be revising the strategic plan this school year.

We have partnered with K-12 Business Consulting, Inc. for this project. The new plan is being designed to meet the current needs of the district’s students by using data to drive student achievement.

We will be seeking input from a variety of stakeholders in the district and community to help identify priorities, goals and action steps that will set the direction for the district in the years ahead. We are looking forward to this process and appreciate the support and collaboration from our families and community as we all strive to provide the best learning environment and opportunities for our students.

The window for the Community Survey has closed. Stay tuned for updates on the next phase of the strategic planning process.