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Strategic Plan

Achieve Today, Excel Tomorrow:
The Strategic Plan for Huber Heights City Schools

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Dear Huber Heights City Schools Community:

On behalf of the Board of Education, I am very proud to present the latest edition of the Huber Heights City Schools Strategic Plan. This document is the culminating effort that will focus and guide our district on our journey to continuous improvement for years to come.  

Our district embarked on this project, in concept, in the Spring of 2023, following a status update of our previous strategic plan. Following a thorough analysis of what had been completed, what was in progress, not started, and items deemed impractical to move forward, the Board of Education approved a process to revisit and revise the plan based upon the needs of the district today.  

In the Fall of 2023, over 50 staff, parents, and community leaders volunteered to participate in the strategic plan steering committee and/or goal teams, led by our facilitators from K-12 Business Consulting. A review of our district’s academic performance data, previous strategic plan progress, and financial status guided the discussions and planning over several months. The interactions between goal teams, feedback from the steering committee, and extensive work compiling the thoughts and beliefs of what would be most important for Huber Heights City Schools in the years ahead allowed us to arrive at what we all believe to be a road map for success in this great district.

While this challenging work has brought us this final product, the real work ahead is just beginning. As superintendent, I am committed to honoring the direction that our community representatives have put forth and has been approved by the Board of Education. Accountability for success is a priority—the plan lays out a continuous model of goal setting, strategies to accomplish goals, and utilizing data to measure progress, all while providing regular status updates to the Board, district, and community.  

The future is bright for Huber Heights City Schools, and we look forward to the current and future successes of our students as we “Achieve Today, Excel Tomorrow.”

Jason Enix
Huber Heights City Schools