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Cynthia McDonald




                      WARRIOR NEWS

                        Nov. 30th, 2023


                                             CLUB INFORMATION


Wednesday, December 6th there will be a Sophomore Cabinet meeting right after school in A127 (Mrs Derus’s room) to discuss Winter Formal. Please see Mr Nicholson or Mrs Derus with any questions. 


HOSA meeting Thursday after school in Biomed J104 for anyone interested in healthcare professions


D&D club will meet Friday, Dec 8th after school in the ITC until 5 pm








Students, please make sure to charge your Chromebook and bring it every day.  




Football weightlifting will start Monday, Dec 4th 6:00 AM




                          Drama and Music

The ITC is booked all day for EOC testing. please do not send students as it disrupts testing.

Auditions for Freaky Friday, The Musical will be held December 11th, 12th, and 13th in the Wayne High School Performing Arts Center, Monday and Wednesday 4-6PM and Tuesday 3-5PM.

Have a 1 minute contemporary musical song prepared. Acting sides will be provided- no memorization required.

See Mrs. Barker for more information.



Don’t miss the discounted ticket price for this weekend’s comedy, The Play that Goes Wrong. All student tickets just $4 until Thursday. Tickets are $7 on December 1st and 2nd.



Preparing for the Future








College Credit Plus Students


Fall semester ends on December 10th.  Any books or materials purchased by the district must be returned to Mrs. Gore in B113 as soon as possible to avoid having fees added to your account.  Additionally, Spring registration is going on now!  If you are taking a CCP class in the building, there is nothing you need to do, however, if you plan to take a class outside of Wayne, you will have to register for those classes through your mysinclair portal.  Please see Mrs. Gore if you have any questions.


NEW CCP Students


Any students taking CCP classes for the first time this year, please see Mrs. Gore in B113 to pick up your FREE Sinclair Sweatshirt.  Sizes & colors are limited so it's first come first serve.





Career, Workforce and Post-Secondary Options Announcements


                  College = Training = Workforce = Post-Secondary Learning


Please see the Wayne Page on the Huber Heights City Schools website for a

                    complete list of all options and upcoming events. 



Shout out to these Wayne Warriors for demonstrating the Warrior Way of 

Respectfulness, Responsibilities, Communication, Collaboration,

Perseverance, Critical Thinking, Empathy, and  Problem-Solving

Jocelyn Garcia for her Communication skills and being Safe

 in Ms. Rose’s Welding class

Taylor Martinez-Cruz for being Responsible from Mr.Miller

Aidan Cox for being Respectful and Responsible from Mrs. Bates-Laack

Brighton Cornette for her Collaboration from Mrs. Conti’s room

Sevil Izaieva for showing Perseverance from Mr. Burmeister

Rowan Grillot for being Respectful from Mr Seibert

Billy Belisle for showing Empathy in Mrs.Shower’s band room

Peyton Anderson for his Communication skills in Mr. Amos’s class

Hannah Todd for being Respectful and Responsible in Mrs. Wilcox’s room

Thia Huber for showing Responsibility in Mrs. Amburgey’s class


                    Remember to always go the Warrior Way 

                  by being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe

Class of 2024
Cynthia McDonald





2024 Graduation Sunday, May 26, 2024, 2:00 pm

               at the Nutter Center


          CLASS OF 2024

Senior Shirts

   Your names will be printed on the Senior Shirt

  If you do not want your names on the shirt or

if you go by a different name please contact Mrs. Leffew

in room E-207 or email her at




The list of names as they will appear on your diploma is in the counselor's hallway and outside the A1 office. Please check the list to make sure your name is on it and it is spelled correctly, including capitalization, accents, etc. Please see Mrs. Miller - B111 if you have any questions or corrections need to be made.


 School Fees

Over the next couple of weeks, Ms. McCullough will be sending out fee invoices.  They will be distributed in your first-period class. Seniors, you will receive yours on Monday. Please take time to look them over and take them home to your parents/guardians.  Remember if you won't go. Any questions, see Ms. McCullough in B131 (the red wall in the main office)







~ To order a transcript for a college/university go to ~ quick links ~ student ~ transcript.  Create a account.  Search for Wayne High School, Huber Heights.  You must use a personal email, not your school email address.


~  Add your university/college(s) to your account.  Place an order to have your transcript sent.  Click on the blue + to order transcripts.


~  An email will be sent to the High School Admin Parchment account and all transcripts will be sent electronically.  You will receive a confirmation.  You will receive a confirmation number too.

~  Note:  1st semester ALL transcripts can be sent but 2nd semester transcripts cannot be sent if fees are owed.




Seniors:  Thanks to seniors who have ordered graduation items!  If you still need to place an order, Ty will be at Wayne HS  during lunch on Wednesday, 11/29.  You can ask questions or turn in orders.  There are some special promo codes for class jewelry discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Go to or call Jostens for more information at 937 280 4350

kids petting dog
Kelsi Steinkamp
kids petting dog

The week of September 11, a week spent reflecting, remembering and honoring the sacrifice of many Americans on that fated day, the Weisenborn community decided to embody that sense of community by fighting together for a greater cause. The Weisenborn Chapter of National Junior Honor Society sponsored a penny drive for 4 Paws for Ability.

Students were asked to open their hearts and donate to an organization whose sole purpose is to train animals to help people — help people with visual impairments, those struggling with anxiety, those living with a chronic illness or medical issue, to support a child with autism and more.

For five days, our students gave. They started with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, which evolved to dollar bills, five-dollar bills, tens, and twenties. Our students were excited to help, to give and to make a difference.

They understood something that many people struggle to comprehend: empathy, one of the components of our Portrait of a Warrior. Our stars, our WARRIORS, these are the ones who gave $765.76 to a cause.

As a reward for a job well done, our 950 warriors were given an opportunity by 4 Paws to meet the dogs that were being trained to help. Our Weisenborn students truly showed what it means to be a Warrior: to see the needs of others and be moved to fight for them.

  • Huber Heights City Schools
  • Weisenborn Junior High
Jostensthumbnail 2
Desiree Bleh

Attention Sophomores: 

Please click the video below for information on how to order your class ring:


There are four ways to order your class ring.  They are: 


2. Mail in Form from Packet

3. Call in 937-280-4350

4 Drop off in HS office 


Ty Carpenter

133 N. Dixie 

Vandalia, Oh 45377




  • Wayne High School
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Desiree Bleh

Dear Senior Students and Parents,

Please check out the video below on ordering your Class of 2024 

Graduation items.


Graduation Order Week Sept. 18th-22nd

4 Ways to Order


2.  Mail in the Order Form from the Packet 

3.  Call in Order 937-280-4350

4. Drop off Order Form in main office at HS.  

Please let us know if you have any questions! Check out this video below!



Click on the image to watch a video: 

Ty please click here to view your personalized video






  • Wayne High School
WHS senior picture thumbnail
Desiree Bleh

Senior Survey (Must log into Wayne/HHCS email to access.)


Senior Yearbook Photo Requirements:

  • Due no later than January 22, 2024 via email unless Expressions takes your photo. They will send it to us in February 2024. Check with them for confirmation that they have sent your photo to Wayne. 

  • Expressions Studios will be at Wayne HS September 21, 2023 and January 18, 2024 from 1-3:30pm for senior photos, no appointment needed. The cost is $20 and includes a copy of the class composite, which is given out at graduation.

  • No props, hoods, or pets in photo.

  • Absolutely NO hand gestures.

  • Must be in color. Indoor headshots preferred.

  • Must be vertical.

  • May NOT be a cell phone photo, Snapchat photo, screenshot, etc.

  • Must meet these minimum size requirements:

    • 675px width minimum (Equivalent of 2.25" @ 300 dpi)

    • 900px height minimum (Equivalent of 3" @ 300 dpi)

    • Head size (top of hair to bottom of chin) - 1/3 to 1/2 of the image height

  • Have your photographer email your photo directly to


Submission Process

Email your photo to

  1. Receive a confirmation email from the WHS yearbook upon receipt of your photograph when from a photographer other than Expressions. We do NOT send confirmation when photos from Expressions are received, as they are ALL sent in one file at the same time once Expressions has finished editing.

  2. The WHS Yearbook Staff reviews your photo to make sure it fits the above requirements.

    1. IF YOUR PHOTO IS ACCEPTED, you will not receive any communication beyond the initial confirmation email (most submitted photos are accepted).

      • We check photos, at minimum, once per week. 

    2. IF YOUR PHOTO IS REJECTED, you will receive an email stating the reason for rejection. If you would like to resubmit, please select a new photograph that meets the requirements, and email the new photograph within one week of receipt of a rejection email.

    3. LATE SUBMISSIONS have a small chance of being included in the book, but there is no guarantee. If they are able to be included, they may not be in alphabetical order.


NOTE: we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for printing photos we don't receive! If you do not receive a confirmation email, contact the adviser. If you did not receive a confirmation email, then we DID NOT receive your picture. Please resubmit or email the yearbook adviser at only.



  • Do not resize a low-resolution image to meet the minimum size requirements. Pixelated images will be rejected.

  • Outdoor backgrounds can be used, but are not suggested unless used by a professional photographer.

  • Some cropping may occur.

  • There should be no special filters or graphics added to the photograph.

  • There should be no props in the photograph.

  • Avoid putting hands near the face (leaning on fist, hand in hair, etc.). 

  • Photos with hand gestures will be rejected.

  • Full body photos are not recommended because your image will be very small.

  • Yearbook does not resize your photos. The image received is uploaded to our software as is and may be automatically cropped by our software. We are unable to adjust it.

  • The WHS Yearbook reserves the right to refuse any photograph.


Digital File Format

  • RENAMED: [Last]_[First].jpg

    • Example: Papermaker_Joe.jpg

  • width 675 px (minimum)

  • height 900 px (minimum)

  • file format type JPG

  • NOTE: DO NOT save photos into Word, Docs, gif, or PDF file formats. We will be unable to use them. We can ONLY use JPG.


We do not encourage taking physical prints from your photographer and scanning them. The quality is usually poor. Have your photographer give you the digital image file as a .JPG or have them email directly to


WHS Yearbook staff reserves the right to reject photos for not meeting the above yearbook photo requirements. If your photo is rejected, it is your responsibility to resubmit a photo that meets the requirements. By emailing us your yearbook photo, you agree to these terms. WHS also reserves the right to reject quotes that are not school appropriate and/or do not meet the above requirements.


Purchase a Yearbook

Full price is $60 but is on sale through September 30, 2023 for $45, tax and shipping not included. Books are shipped to the address on your Treering account 4-8 weeks after graduation. 

Customize 2 Pages in Your Yearbook for FREE!

Purchase a Senior Recognition Ad

Prices range from $25 to $200 and do NOT include a yearbook. That must be purchased separately.  


Upload Pictures to Contribute to the Yearbook 

Share any photos you would like us to consider using from this school year. Please change the file name or add a caption to let us know who is in the photo, from left to right, along with the date and/or event. 


Upload Baby Photos for Yearbook

You can upload baby photos within your Treering account to be used in the yearbook into a separate folder. We are unable to provide a direct link, please log in and look for the “Baby Photos” folder.

If you need a copy of this emailed to you for easier access to the links above, please email the yearbook staff


  • Wayne High School
Desiree Bleh

Career, Workforce and Post-Secondary Options Announcements


College = Training = Workforce = Post-Secondary Learning




LINK: Wayne High School’s New Program 23/24 Information Sheet


Educational Opportunities:

MVCTC Certification Evening Programs:

STNA - only need to be 16!!                        





You DO NOT have to be a graduate to enter some of these programs!

Possible FREE Classes for qualified students


Internship, Scholarships, and Apprenticeship Opportunities:


Construction Industry Apprenticeship Opportunities; Visit:


SOCHE - SOCHE is an organization that connects students with internships as they arise. Fill out an application with SOCHE to keep on file and they will contact you!

  • Wayne High School