Monticello Garden Project


In the second half of the school year, Monticello Elementary started a courtyard improvement project that included all students. Staff worked alongside students while they "got their hands dirty" and engaged in experiential learning.

To view an expansive photo gallery of the courtyard project, visit:

Mrs. Bush and Mr. Mills would like to share a special thank you with the following students for their role in the project.

- Sixth grade, for putting the pond into our courtyard.

- Fifth grade, for building the garden beds and writing letters to Board of Education President Mr. Mullins to get over $800 of soil donated to us.

- Fourth grade, for putting the beautiful native flower of Ohio around the pond.

- Third grade, for putting in herds in the garden and getting koi fish donated.

- Second grade, for writing letters to sixth grade about the measurement of the pond and doing research on water plants and what type should go into our pond.

- First grade, for doing a research project on butterflies and for releasing them in our garden.

- Kindergarten, for planting the garden. 

- Specials students, for helping build the gardens.

Thank you all for adding value to our garden. Mrs. Click created a "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!" water tracker sheet. If you come up during the summer and want to water the garden, please just write the date and if you watered the garden in the am or pm. This will be helpful in tracking so we don't over water.

Also, more recently, Mrs. Waymire donated two turtles and a couple fish that have found a new home in the Monticello pond. Please help welcome our two painted turtles friends, Monti and Cello, to our school family. 

"Together We Win!" 

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