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C & I - Testing and Security

Parents may request policies regarding student participation in state mandated assessments as well as disseminating through public means information on each assessment required by the state.

Huber Heights City Schools follows all policies from the Ohio Department of Education outlined in the Ohio’s State Tests Rules Book and Directions for Administration Manuals in accordance with the OAC and ORC.

Ohio Administrative Codes: 

3301-7-01  Standards for ethical use of tests.

3301-13-01  Defining terms and establishing statewide assessments.

3301-13-03  Establishing provisions for the participation of students with disabilities in required assessments administered at the designated grades.

3301-13-05  Establishing security and security investigation provisions for assessments.

Ohio Revised Code:

3301.0710 Ohio graduation tests.

3319.152  Assisting student in cheating on assessments.

3319.321  Confidentiality