busesCurrently, our district transports approximately 2,800 students daily on thirty-five buses to fourteen schools traveling over 2,100 miles daily. We employ 35 drivers, 9 bus aides, 2 ASE certified mechanics, and one administrative assistant. All transportation employees must have a FBI/BCI background check prior to employment. Drivers must also complete all requirements from the Department of Education in order to be a school bus driver. Our main goal is to transport all eligible students to and from their destination in the safest and most cost effective manner. Please feel free to contact us at 937-237-6385 should you have any questions or concerns regarding student transportation.

Director of Business Operations: Gary Doll

Transportation Supervisor: Erica Ford

Administrative Assistant: Austin Westfall

Dispatcher: Aubrey Lowe

Determining Transportation Eligibility

Huber Heights City Schools only provides transportation for elementary (K-6) students that live greater than 1.5 miles away from their assigned building and junior high (7-8) students that live greater than 2 miles away from Weisenborn Junior High. There is currently no bussing for students in grades 9-12. (Exception: Specific Special Services students are eligible for bussing. More information can be provided by our Department of Special Services).

To determine whether or not your student is eligible for transportation services, please review our District Street Roster.

Transportation Rules

Don't lose your riding privilege!

  1. Observe same conduct as in the classroom.
  2. No fighting, no throwing objects in or out of bus.
  3. Do not eat, drink or smoke on the bus.
  4. Keep the bus clean, keep the aisles and exits clear.
  5. Exit promptly and move to designated place of safety.
  6. Obey the bus driver and the bus safety rules.
  7. Do not damage the bus or seats in any way.
  8. Stay in your seat. Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus.
  9. No use of profane or abusive language.
  10. Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.

Bus Stop Locations

Each school year, the Transportation Department reviews and makes adjustments to bus routes and stop locations. We follow the State of Ohio guidelines for establishing bus stops while routing the buses in the most efficient way possible. Please be aware that this routing process may result in some students walking to a bus stop while the bus passes in front of their home.

For student safety, we require students to arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Every attempt is made to ensure that buses arrive at the bus stop at the scheduled pick-up time. However, there are times that circumstances such as traffic problems, mechanical problems, weather conditions and human resource issues may cause a delay in pick-up times. Our first priority is to schedule eligible students who do not have transportation and we will work through any bus scheduling and bus stop issues as quickly as possible

CTC Transportation

All CTC buses will pick up and drop off students in the back of Wayne High School. Buses will depart Wayne at 7:20 am and return at 3 pm. The buses pick up in the southwest corner of the parking lot (in front of the football field). There’s ample parking for students at the same location. Parking passes can be purchased at Wayne. If there is a two-hour delay, buses will depart Wayne at 9:20 am. If Huber Heights City Schools close, there is no transportation to CTC.