Reading Plus Competition Winners

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Each quarter of this school year, our Department of Curriculum and Instruction is hosting a Reading Plus competition for various grades. 

The competition is broken into three parts:

Class Competition (Average Reading Lessons of 80% or Higher): The top class in your school with average reading lessons of 80% or higher. Each student in your ELA class must earn at least an 80% on as many SeeReader lessons as possible.

Student Competition (Combo): The student in your school achieves the most combos (a comprehension score of 80% or higher on two consecutive lessons). Students must earn multiple combos on each SeeReader level to progress to the next level. This competition also has a runner-up category.

Student Competition (Rate Gain): The student in your school with the highest rate gain (words read per minute in the Guided Window).

Winning students and classes will receive prizes ranging from a pizza party, gift cards, Door Dash lunch and more! Let's get reading, kids!

Congratulations to our First Quarter Winners!!

Class Competition:

  • Charles Huber - Hoffman
  • Rushmore - Geiger
  • Monticello - James
  • Valley Forge - Pauling
  • Wright Brothers - Eagan

Student Competition (Combo): 

  • Charles Huber - Mia Vawter, winner, and Jayvin McClain, runner up
  • Rushmore - Cadence Martin and Jordan Burchett, winners (tie), and Cameron Adkins, runner up
  • Monticello - Lucille Wilson, winner, and Ashton Weis, runner up
  • Valley Forge - Jada Lucas, winner, and Jordan Woolfork, runner up
  • Wright Brothers - Arthur Brown, winner, and D'Anthony Render, runner up

Student Competition (Rate Gain):

  • Charles Huber - Bailey Kenyon
  • Rushmore - Cassandra Unger
  • Monticello - Kaydence Brunett
  • Valley Forge - Cason Zuern
  • Wright Brothers - Cassandra Knouff

Special thanks to Cassano's Pizza and Walmart in Huber Heights for donating toward the first quarter prizes!

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